Ikea “Embrace Change ’09”

The notion of Ikea furnishing the Oval Office might just be the perfect expression of yuppified, post-ironic marketing-driven “Americana.” The Swedish furniture maker has launched “Embrace Change ’09,” a push that includes an Oval Office replica in Washington, D.C.’s Union Station, as well as billboards, ads on D.C.-area trains and buses and a “mock motorcade.” The campaign works both sides of the aisles, since detractors can wag their fists while Ikea fanatics visit embracechange09.com and design their own Oval Office motifs. It’s more to the point and better spirited than most political campaigns and it’s generated lots of press, so Ikea’s probably fielding a winner. Too bad La-Z-Boy didn’t try something similar eight or four years ago. Now that would’ve been classic. –David Gianatasio