Hyundai Elantra “Sheep”

No one wants to be perceived as a sheep, a follower, a drone. Hyundai is the latest advertiser to promote its cars by telling viewers to stop blindly following the crowds by buying the boring competition. A new spot from Innocean Worldwide in Irvine, Calif., broke last night on the AFC Championship Games as a prelude to the automaker’s Super Bowl push and is set up to look like a consumer-generated video. Drivers spot a sheep behind the wheel in nearby traffic and follow it as they try to keep the odd sight in frame. Title cards explain, “Car companies keep making boring cars because people keep buying them,” and that’s when the spot shifts to the new Elantra. The grainy footage is gone, and a standard voiceover then urges, “Stop settling for predictable.” So much for unpredictability.–Eleftheria Parpis