The Hunchback Enjoys His Cheez-It

CHICAGO Keebler’s Cheez-It cracker brand is set to make its big-screen debut next week with a new commercial from Leo Burnett.

The Chicago agency’s 60-second spot, directed by Joe Pytka, plays off The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In the ad, which breaks Aug. 22, people are shown running from the Hunchback as he lumbers through Old World Paris. When he retreats to his bell tower, his humpback is revealed to be a hidden box of Cheez-It and the deformed face mask enables him to enjoy the crackers in peace.

The spot was shot on Universal Studios’ permanent Hunchback back-lot set, with a score performed by the Prague Symphony.

After running in movie theaters over the weekend, the spot will air on television beginning Aug. 25.

The spot promotes the line’s Chili Cheese flavor extension, and continues the year-old “Get your own box” tagline.

Spending for the effort was not disclosed. Keebler spent more than $10 million on Cheez-It advertising last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.