Humor, a Staple of Freeman Ads

Four new TV spots from Cliff Freeman and Partners for Staples uphold the agency’s reputation for comedy and offbeat characters.
In one (shown here) of two breaking before the holidays, a husband follows his wife Christmas shopping. Once inside Staples, he picks up the public address telephone, and, in the form of an “attention shoppers!” announcement, promotes the gifts he hopes to receive. He is finally hauled away by security as he screams down the aisles, “Get me a leather chair!”
A second spot opens with a Staples clerk just as he finishes stamping every item in the store with his price gun. His boss then hands him a huge manual with the new, lower prices. We expect the clerk to flip out, but he is overjoyed at having to start the task again. The tag remains: “Yeah, we’ve got that.”
The remaining two ads will air in January.
The ads position Staples as “like a toy store” for adults, said Arthur Bijur, the New York agency’s president and executive creative director. –Jim Edwards