Hull Crafts Ads for St.Vincent’s

Hull Creative Group has released a print advertising campaign for St. Vincent’s Com-prehensive Cancer Center which seeks to establish the hospital as a leader in its field.

“We wanted to make them more visible and find the right balance of image, genuine emotion and quantifiable information,” said Caryl Hull, president of the Boston agency.

A series of black-and-white advertisements recently broke in The New York Times, the New York Post and the New York Daily News.

One print piece shows a young woman holding a child. The headline reads, “I have breast cancer. St. Vincent’s targeted treatment options let me get on withmy life.” Copy continues, “At St. Vincent’s, we’ve created a patient-centered, compassionate and accessible cancer center with the most advanced radiation, chemotherapy and surgical options. The combination of all the latest technologies is available only at St. Vincent’s—providing the most effective treatment, with virtually no side effects or damage to healthy tissue.”

Another execution shows a man holding a young boy with the headline, “I have lung cancer.” The copy states, “Stereotactic radiosurgery lets me get on with my life.”

The hospital “is known for [being compassionate], but we [also] want to educate the public that we’re leaders in radiation oncology,” said Ron Sohn, director of marketing at the New York facility.

The campaign targets people who have just been diagnosed with cancer and those who have already begun treatment.

The newspaper effort broke last week and is scheduled to run through November.

Hull Creative Group began working with St. Vincent’s in January; there was no formal review. The hospital’s previous advertising agency was Della Femina Roths-child Jeary & Partners in New York.

Established in 1985, Hull operates as a creative boutique, splitting its attention between media advertising campaigns and design projects. The agency works on both consumer assignments and business-to-business accounts.