How Old Is ‘Old’?

How old do you have to be to be “old”? When a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll asked adults to cite the age at which someone qualifies for that status, just 4 percent picked a number under 60, bless them. Sixteen percent said oldness kicks in when you pass age 60, 29 percent when you pass 70 and 29 percent when you’re over 80. The rest said it depends on the person, or they declined to answer.

Even among respondents who themselves are under 35, only 7 percent said the onset of oldness comes before one gets beyond age 60 — and 21 percent said it doesn’t arrive until one passes the four-score mark. As for those who are 65-plus, 37 percent said you have to be over 80 to count as old, and 22 percent said you’ve got to be over 70.