HOURS AND HOURS: In Case You Were Wondering What Your Time Is Worth

Is a media planner’s time worth more than a copywriter’s? A survey of Business/Professional Advertising Association members provides interesting comparisons among the hourly rates agencies charge for various services. (The chart shows the percentages of agencies whose rates fall within each price range.) Art directors can lord it over copywriters thanks to data showing that 8% of the agencies charge $125-plus per hour for art direction while only 5% charge so much for copywriting. ‘Creative concepting’ was the service most likely to carry a $125-plus price tag, with 13% of agencies in that range. Media planning/buying was the discipline most likely to be available for under $50 (14% of agencies). A narrow majority (53%) of shops responding to this B/PAA Compensation & Usage Study said they use an hourly basis for charging clients.
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