HotSocket Unveils Latest “Smart” Software

Following the adage, “Work smart, not hard,” New York-based HotSocket, a marketing services company, today released version 4.0 of its SMART engine for analyzing and improving online campaigns.

The SMART engine tests multiple versions of online promotional offers, such as winning a free vacation, to see which ones attract the most customers. The software upgrade makes it possible for HotSocket to use data gathered by the company’s partners to help clients retain customers once they have clicked on a banner, e-mail or other interactive ad.

Additionally, as part of the upgrade, the SMART engine can now be used for wireless applications such as PDAs and cell phones, as well as via interactive TV and traditional telemarketing.

“At first we were in the lead generation business. Now we can help with retention,” said Dev Bhatia, founder and CEO of HotSocket. “This is the future of the Web, being able to see patterns in data so you can make online advertising more efficient.”