Hoop, There It Is

The Final Four semifinals took place on Saturday, after our deadline. But if Oklahoma prevailed, the ad world could be in for a shock.

Should the Sooners win the final tonight, teammates Hollis Price, Aaron McGhee, Ebi Ere, Jabhari Brown and Quannas White plan a net-cutting surprise: the unveiling of their nascent ad operation in Norman, Okla., with state tourism as their first gig.

“We may not make the NBA, so we looked at our options. We’ve all been studying communications,” says Hollis, “creative playmaker” of 5 Guys and a Ball. Adds “chief intimidation officer” Brown, “We’ve been in Norman for a year or two. We feel like we know the place.”

White, 5G&B’s “layups director,” explains the name: “We’ve spent a lot of time just ourselves and a ball, so it’s factually appropriate. Plus, it cuts through the clutter. We tell people we’re ‘on the ball,’ we’re ‘getting the ball rolling,’ we’re ‘having a ball.’ It’s flexible.”

Learning that it had been dropped from the tourism business, Ackerman McQueen in Oklahoma City was charitable. “Those guys are talented,” says a rep. “We’d better practice a little team D ourselves.”