HONKY-TONK ANGLES: Ranking Country Cachet

If you’re partial to a given genre of music, does that give a clue to your likes and dislikes in various product categories? Musical preference isn’t an infallible guide to brand preference, but one can detect patterns – and Country Music Magazine has done just that, culling through Simmons Market Research Bureau data on people who identify themselves as country-music fans. Comparing brand affinity for those folks to figures for the population in general, the magazine assembled a list of 50 brands that score exceptionally well with country fans. The top 10: Famous Recipe Chicken, Wal-Mart, British Sterling cologne, 3M/Scotch film, Sun Country wine coolers, Diet Cherry RC Cola, Cool Ranch Doritos, A&W restaurants, Two Fingers Tequila and White Castle restaurants. The top-ranking brand of blue jeans was Wrangler (with Levi’s considerably down the list). Winston led the pack among cigarette brands, followed by Marlboro and Merit. Top-ranking athletic shoes: Pony, Keds and Puma. Among credit/charge cards, Montgomery Ward’s ranked first, while American Express cards scraped along at the bottom of the standings. And the top-ranking beer: Old Style, with Coors and Pabst not far behind.
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