Hollywood Hype

“The Hire” is a campaign that is itself supported by an ad campaign. Though neither Fallon nor BMW would specify spending, last year’s short films were backed by $14 million in media, according to CMR.

Fallon and BMW have again targeted film and entertainment publications, with print ads running in magazines including Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, as well as the Hollywood trade publications. Trailers are airing on outlets such as VH1, Bravo and the Independent Film Channel. Outdoor efforts (right) include billboards in Times Square and along Sunset Boulevard.

Beginning in December, the movies will appear on the small screen, on a DirecTV channel exclusively devoted to “The Hire.”

To further attract publicity, the shorts are being entered into film festivals, and “The Hostage” won best action short at the Los Angeles International Film Festival last month. They have also been entered to compete in the shorts category at the Academy Awards.