Holland Airs First MyBasics Ads

Holland Advertising’s first campaign for online drugstore MyBasics.com satirizes the sinking feeling that comes from unexpectedly running out of toiletries.
The work’s primary aim is to lure consumers to place their first order for common health and beauty products via the e-commerce firm’s Web site.
In one of three spots, a man wakes up, shuffles to the fridge and pulls out a cream pie. He treks to the bathroom, pauses a moment to inspect his stubble, and shoves the pie in his face. A voiceover asks, “Ever run out of shaving cream?”
A second ad features a yuppie couple exhorting their diapered infant to use a potty in tones better suited to a corporate motivational seminar. The payoff: “Ever run out of diapers?”
The tagline, “Never run out again,” helped Holland win the account last year [Adweek, Dec. 21]. Consumers will hopefully “recognize and identify with the moment” when someone cannot find a needed product, said agency chief Chris Holland.
The spots, targeting women ages 25-49, break nationally on Feb. 15. Sources said the effort will be backed by as much as $20 million, though a client representative denied the figure.
MyBasics.com will compete with brick-and-mortar drugstores, plus new online rivals PlanetRx, Rx.com and Drugstore.com.