holiday message

In keeping with the holiday season, Thomas Binnion Advertising is breaking two new hard-hitting PSAs that encourage the adoption of foster children.

The spots for the Westside Children’s Center outside Los Angeles coincide with National Adoption Awareness Month and were directed by actress Debbie Allen. Each uses the tagline “There’s someone here who can’t wait to be loved.”

In one spot, a black child is shown entering an elevator which then goes on a precarious up-and-down ride. The idea is to remind viewers of the uncertain journey many children in foster care travel.

Creatives at the Manhattan Beach, Calif., agency said they made the spots look frighten ing to stress the gravity of the situation.

“We chose … riveting settings in order to drive home the pressing need to recruit adoptive families who can bring love and stability into these children’s lives,” agency principal Thomas Binnion said.

The Westside Children’s Center is located in Culver City, Calif., and recently received a federal grant to expand its adoptive services.