Hold The Anchovies

An ice-cream cone topped with shrimp, tomato and onions isn’t exactly mouth-watering fare–but it does serve up a point.
“Some things only work on pizza,” reads an ad created by Pagano Schenck & Kay, Boston, to promote the newest location of Providence, R.I.-based restaurant chain Pizza Pie-er.
Others show a stick of “zucchini mushroom” chewing gum and bottled water labeled “Pineapple Pepperoni Spring.” All ads are running in Providence-area newspapers, and a poster-sized execution will appear at bus stops.
The ads use humor to convince pizza lovers to break away from the ordinary and try Pizza Pie-er’s gourmet
varieties, according to Pagano creative director Woody Kay. The work is a one-time project.
No word on whether Pagano took its fee out in trade. –Lauren Wiley