Hive’s Creative Blooms for S.F. Flower Show

SAN FRANCISCO Independent agency The Hive has created advertising for the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, which is taking place this week.

The San Francisco shop’s work shows colorful, detailed, close-up shots of various flowers and plants. In one ad, an image of a cactus resembles a funky hairdo or headdress and is accompanied by copy that reads: “One part Mojave. One part MoMA. Add a dash of Carmen Miranda.”

Two additional efforts present similarly interesting plants, comparing one to fireworks and the other to aliens. The work takes the form of print, poster and outdoor ads. Campaign spending was not disclosed.

The agency said it landed the estimated $1 million business, Salmon Bay Events, without a review. The shop was contacted after Salmon Bay’s founder and chairman, Duane Kelly, saw The Hive present a pro bono campaign for the San Francisco Botanical Garden, for which Kelly is a trustee.

Seattle-based Salmon Bay Events produces three major annual exhibitions: the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show and the Seattle Interior and Design Show.