Hispanic Strategy Delivered

Volkswagen of America is challenging Hispanic consumers to “¡Agarra calle!”

The phrase, which translates to, “Take the road!” is the tagline for Creative on Demand’s first campaign for the German automaker.

The Coral Gables, Fla., shop has produced six TV spots—breaking over the next month on the Telemundo and Univision networks—intended to convince the Hispanic consumer that the VW brand is both familiar and exciting.

“Volkswagen is a car we have known all our lives,” said Priscilla Cortizas, COD’s creative director. “Yet brand awareness has never been articulated in Spanish.”

In fact, research suggests that “Drivers wanted,” the tagline created by lead agency Arnold, Boston, on the $350-400 million North American account, has limited appeal with Hispanics. It conjures up images of a livery service. “Our challenge was to capture the right insight and tailor it to the market,” said Daniel Marrero, creative director at the agency.

The first two TV spots brand Beetle owners as “fun-loving, clever” people driving “smart, reliable cars.”

In “Game Over,” a man walks off a soccer field to his im maculate Turbo Beetle. When three muddied pals ask for a ride, he opens the hood of his car and looks at the empty space where his engine should be. “¿Que paso?” (“What happened?”) one jock ex claims. The trio looks elsewhere for a ride, and a voiceover says, “The Beetle Turbo S. As quick as you are.”

A second spot captures another VW driver at a party; cool and composed, he talks to a good-looking woman—until he hears a faint sound in the distance. Rushing outside, he discovers his buddies, tired of his flirtations, have set off the car’s alarm. “Never fails,” a companion says.

Upcoming ads will showcase the Passat wagon, GTi and Jetta.