High Heating Costs Spur Owens Corning Promotion

Last winter’s high energy prices had 40 percent of the people surveyed by Owens Corning adjusting their spending to cope with utility bills. That survey was the genesis for a fall and winter promotion from Doner that focuses on the ways insulation can keep heating costs down.

The Southfield, Mich., agency de-veloped the 2001 Fall Insulation Promotion for retailers and contractors to convince con-sumers that buying adequate insulation can help them save money on heating bills and help in the country’s efforts to decrease its reliance on foreign oil, said Michael Baskin, an account management director at the agency.

The campaign, which will run through almost the end of the year, includes a print ad that continues the tagline introduced in a campaign last May for the To-ledo, Ohio, company: “Owens Corning. We know homes.”

Last May’s campaign was the first effort aimed at repositioning the company as a provider of home services rather than merely a manufacturer of building materials.

Doner won the $30-40 million consolidated account a little more than a year ago.

The print ad now running features a house photographed using thermal imaging, which shows all the places heat leaks out. The headline reads: “A plumber can’t do anything about the most costly leak in your house.” Copy directs readers to the Owens Corning Web site and an 800 number.

Also part of the effort are point-of-sale materials and ads on the plastic wraps of newspapers, Baskin said. An Internet component includes banner ads on sites like Weather.com. The ads appear when temperatures in targeted areas dip below 50 degrees.

The Pink Panther TV spots, which broke last spring and were developed by Doner, will run again this spring, said Lynne Hartzell, director of marketing communications for the client.