Here Are 12 Heady Ways You Can Ingest Your Ganja

Lollipops, ointments, brownies, oh my

Remember when buying pot meant scoring a dime bag in Washington Square Park? Well, good news: There are now 23 states where it’s legal to go weed shopping—like, in a store. Turns out, there’s a whole lot of stuff that can be made from THC, too (most of it “medicine,” to stay on the right side of state restrictions.) Bummer that Adweek doesn’t happen to be in a state where this kind of shopping is possible, so we sent a dedicated emissary out to Seattle for us. Here’s what wound up in the basket.

Photo: Michael Clinard

1. THC Suckerz come in three tastee flavaz, yo: strawberry, pina colada and green apple.

2. Bedder Budder’s Medicated Bon Bons let you sit on the couch and eat bon bons—and then just sit on the couch all day.

3. Mary Jane Mint Chip ice cream is refreshing and—with 1 gram of pot per pint—sure to cool you out.

4. Loaded Soda tastes like root beer, and that’s before it hits you like a falling tree.

5. XXX Body Rescue sounds like an adult video, but makers Cannabis Basics assure us it’s just a topical cream.

6. Brownies made from Killer Bee Brownie Mix: sure to redefine what it means to get baked.

7. Seattle Cannabis Kitchen makes this medicated olive oil. Virgin? We don't think so.

8. Energy pills? Close. These are Cannabidiol Caps from Mt. Si Medicinals. (The green ones pack the biggest punch.)

9. Ditch the gum, and try this chewable Cavi Roll. (Its 100mg of THC is a lot to chew on, too.)

10. THC Candies come in watermelon and sour apple—but chances are you won’t stay sour for long.

11. This dried indica flower is called Purple Arrow, and sure to hit the spot every time.

12. Dried flower Sativa JX-13 sounds like a jet fighter, but the flying’s up to you, man.