He’s No Regular ‘Joe’ College

DDB Needham Dallas has embodied what it feels is the essence of National Collegiate Athletic Association football’s passion-and it ain’t pretty.
In the first of a series of 14 planned TV and radio spots airing during game telecasts, the “I Love the NCAA” branding campaign has introduced audiences to a fan called “Joe,” who takes a keen interest in the sport.
Already painted in full red and blue body paint, the hefty fan also screams, yells and shows off an NCAA logo on his ample belly.
Upon further examination, a voiceover describes Joe’s “UCLA Bruin-blue blood,” “Texas burnt-orange gums” and “Georgia Tech yellow teeth.”
The ad goes on to call Joe “the lone horseman who rides again.”
He apparently needed the rest. Out-of-shape and seemingly lacking the oxygen-rich red blood (of Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska or Oklahoma) most of us need for survival, the super fan collapses into the camera before the spot is over.
-Glen Fest