“The Chick-Fil-A Moolennium Calendar: Cows in History,”
from the folks at The Richards Group, transforms Y2K into one long bovine joke.
Now available at the chicken restaurant’s locations for $5 each, the glossy, pun-filled 2000 calendar includes historical nonevents like the “Trojan Cow,” “Chickengate,” the “Battle of the Alamoo” and presidential candidate Harry Truman holding up a copy of the Chicago Tribune with the revised headline, “Dewey Eats Chikin.”
Other famous dates noted throughout Y2Cow are the 780 A.D. invasion of Britain by the Bovikings, the first cow to jump over the moon in 1697 and, of course, the 1962 invention of the chicken sandwich by a cow philanthropist.
Last year’s 1999 calendar from the Dallas agency ultimately inspired the popular “Summer of chikin” advertising campaign for the Atlanta-based restaurant chain.
Richards will clearly milk these cows for as long as people want to see them, so why mooove on?
-T.W. Sieber