Henry Weinhard’s Gets New Spots From Wieden

Wieden + Ken nedy continues to serve up a Northwest flavor for Henry Weinhard’s in its latest round of work for the beer company.

New spots unveiled during Miller Brewing’s distributor’s convention—Miller is Weinhard’s parent—are a continuation of a campaign launched last year by the Portland, Ore., agency.

“We felt it worked really well,” said client brand manager Chris Lierman. “It got great response from the distributor network, and we made some real progress in sales.”

Lierman said year-to-date sales are up 5.5 percent over this time last year in the Northwest, where the beer is available. The brewer said it sold more than 270,000 barrels last year.

Henry Weinhard’s has also raised ad spending 60 percent since 2000, said Lierman. The company spent less than $500,000 in both 2000 and 2001, per CMR.

Two new TV spots feature groups of young men enjoying Henry Weinhard’s Private Re serve beer in less-than-ideal situations.

In one spot, several guys in winter coats are standing near the doorway of a crowded bar, drinking Henry’s and eyeing a table where two older men are finishing their beers. As they prepare to take over the table, the waitress serves the seated men two more beers. The scene shifts outdoors, where the guys resort to securing a table in the rain.

Another spot shows three men sitting outside in a hot tub in the snow. As one of them comments that he made the hot tub himself, it breaks, and he offers his friends a Henry’s.

Wieden account director Tom Blessington said the campaign is meant to “focus on specific Northwest beer-drinking occasions.” The scenes in the ads stem from the personal experiences of Wieden creatives and their friends, he said.

Ads retain the tag “Beer means more here,” which Lierman said is indicative of the Northwest attitude toward beer. “People love different types of beer, and they love the identity the Northwest has with the whole microbrew and craft-brew beer scene,” she said.