A nonprofit groupdedicated to integrating Christian ideals into the workplace is releasing a series of 30-second radio PSAs that feature a jingle with the line: “When your job needsa heavenly perk, contact Northeast Christiansat Work.”

The organization, based in Vernon, Conn., is sending 16 PSAs to religious and secular radio stations in New England, New York, Delaware, Marylandand Pennsylvania.

The spots highlight aspects of faith in the workplace and directlisteners to the nondenominational group for information.

One execution deals with legal issuessurrounding overt expressions of faithon the job.

“People have more rights [in this regard] than they realize. We educate people on where to draw the line,” said Drew Crandall, founder and presidentof Northeast Christians at Work.

Lou Rodriques, an attorney with Bostonlaw firm Sullivan & Worcester, disagreed. Laws may protect individuals from government persecution, but private employers can usually take steps to curb various forms of speech and expression in the workplace; those steps can and have included employee dismissal, Rodriques said.