Have you been to Pennsyltucky, in the “Holler,” a

Have you been to Pennsyltucky, in the “Holler,” a hometown place with a ton of quirky characters? Probably not, because it’s a fictional area depicted with a distinctly folk-art look in a new campaign for TorchBearer Sauces, based in Harrisburg, Pa. The Neiman Group in Harrisburg, Pa., created the print and Web ads, along with the product labels, after meeting the client and finding them “quirky, down-home kind of guys,” says creative director Buffy McCoy Kelly. “It made a lot of sense for us to create a look that matched them,” she said. Designer Joe Barry created the ads and labels, based on sketches of characters McCoy Kelly drew herself. One character named Jarvis has the ability to grow hair at will due to his consumption of Tarnation Sauce. Ads break this week; TV spots are in development.