Hart-Boillot Intros TechOnLine E-Learning Effort

Hart-Boillot has developed print advertising for e-learning company TechOnLine, introducing the theme “We speak your language.”

In the ads, “we took complex technology terms, such as ‘megahertz,’ and gave [them] a funny twist,” said Kevin Hart, vice president and creative director at the Waltham, Mass., agency.

One print execution depicts a heavily bandaged man on crutches with the word “Megahertz” printed across the image. Copy reads, “Most e-learning providers think ‘pain.’ We think of a unit of frequency with one million cycles per second. While most e-learning companies provide broad-based solutions, TechOnLine specializes in developing training programs for companies who need to deliver complex, technical information.”

Ads target decision makers for e-learning at electronics companies as well as the e-lear-ning community.

The effort is breaking in Electronic News, Electronic Business, Electronic Times, E-Learning and OnLine Learning. Media was bought in-house at TechOnLine. Direct mail is also in the mix.

The effort comes after a shift in focus for the Bedford, Mass., client.

“They used to provide e-learning on their [Web] site, whereas now they are marketing their model for providing e-learning not only to the electronic engineering industry but also to the e-learning community,” said Jeff Abbott, account supervisor at the agency.

The current push focuses on TechOnLine engineers who understand technical terms and can therefore create e-learning programs quickly.

Hart-Boillot has worked with TechOnLine on projects since the agency’s 1999 inception.

Hart-Boillot’s other clients include Ariel Corporation, Cranbury, N.J.; Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, Calif.; Business Benefits, Clinton, Mass.; and It’s Official, Waltham, Mass.