Harpell Hands Daily Control To Core Execs

BOSTON-There are now three presidents at Harpell/Martins & Co.-and co-founder Pat Harpell isn’t one of them.
Bill Beardslee and Mark Williams have been named presidents of the Maynard, Mass., agency’s marketing communications and public relations divisions, respectively. The two had already been directors of those units but now take on expanded roles within the 55-person organization.
Separately, the agency has been assigned advertising duties for the Willowbee & Kent Travel Co., a specialty clothing and accessories store in Boston, and will next month break a branding campaign using the tagline, “All things travel.” Boston-based Clarke Goward had previously worked with the client.
Despite its modest six-figure budget, the win is important because it helps take the shop beyond its technology roots and into the consumer marketplace, said Harpell.
Empowering Williams and Beardslee will give Harpell more time to focus on larger issues such as agency growth and expansion, she said.
Day-to-day management of the shop is now in the hands of Beardslee, Williams and Chris Mega, president of the NetImpressions interactive group, along with chief operating officer Patricia Bailey and creative director David Abend. Those executives hold minority stakes in the shop. Harpell, who has dropped the president title in favor of chairman and chief executive officer, is majority owner.
Since Williams’ arrival in 1997, the public relations department has grown from $250,000 to $3 million in billings. Beardslee joined Harpell last year and oversees branding programs for most of its key clients, including Best Software and Progress Software.