Harley-Davidson Revs Product Placement

Harley-Davidson hopes to ride onto screens large and small in coming months. The motorcycle brand announced last week that it is has teamed up with entertainment consulting agency Davie Brown Entertainment for a major product placement push in film, TV, music and video games.

Harley-Davison has used product placement in the past, but this is the first time the brand is making the strategy the core of its marketing push, said Dino Bernacchi, director of advertising, promotions and entertainment for Harley-Davison. “We want to use it to socialize Harley-Davidson motorcycling . . . Entertainment can sensationalize the excitement and thrill of riding to the point of moving people to check it out.”

Only 3 percent of U.S. consumers own a motorcycle, according to Bernacchi. Yet there are another 15 to 20 million individuals in the U.S. who have a desire to buy one.

“Harley-Davidson is a legendary American brand with a huge heritage,” said Rob Souriall, senior vice president for Davie Brown Entertainment. “They do a great job of speaking to the core male 35-plus, but we want to open up the sport of motorcycling riding to the younger guys, women, African Americans, Hispanics…really broaden the demo.”

Harley-Davidson is looking to collaborate with Hollywood talent, such as Michael Bay and Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and video game partners like Paramount and Sony, said Bernacchi.

Nielsen Business Media