Happiness Is a Shiny Floor

Cleanliness in general may be next to godliness, but people revere some kinds of it more than others. In a poll by International Communications Research for the Soap and Detergent Association, adults were given a list of clean household objects and asked to say which one “makes them the happiest or gives them the most satisfaction.”

Atop the rankings were “shiny floors” and “a tidy toilet” (each with 21 percent of the vote), followed by “clean countertops” (20 percent). Fewer were as enthused by “a sparking shower” (15 percent) or “gleaming windows” (12 percent), while fewer still said they’re most thrilled by “a spotless sink” (7 percent) or “clean mirrors” (3 percent).

People are willing to share the glory that accompanies such cleanliness: 47 percent of respondents said they’ve used or would consider using a residential cleaning service, and 12 percent regularly employ cleaning help.