Gulf War Syndrome

For those who are aching for some closure from the Gulf War, 3DO has just the videogame for you:
Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer. In the game, players go to Iraq and, essentially, hunt down Saddam Hussein.
Cornyn + Partners, San Francisco, has developed an out-there print ad for the game that “serves as a shocking metaphor for Iraq’s anti-American sentiment,” as creative director Christopher Cornyn describes it.
The ad (shown here), features an American flag on a toilet paper roll. On the bathroom floor is an Iraqi newspaper. The text reads, “Hasn’t Iraq made a mockery of us long enough?” The tagline is: “Finish it. Once and for all.”
“We wanted to do something smarter than the typical blow-crap-up gaming advertising,” said Cornyn.
Just to reassure you that the shop is not totally insensitive to current worries about the marketing of violence, Cornyn said, “We realize this ad won’t play well in Middle America, and [3DO] shareholders have questioned our motivation, but the gamers seem to like it.”
-Jane Irene Kelly