Guinness, Comedy Central Team for Mass Toast

Guinness Bass Import is joining forces with Comedy Central to launch a multi-media campaign in excess of $2 million. The campaign promotes Guinness’s effort to break the world record for the largest group toast. Bar patrons across the country will hoist their pints in “The Great Guinness Toast” on Feb. 23. The agency behind Guinness is CIA Medianetwork.

“We have developed a model for a fully-integrated national and local promotion that we are very proud of,” said Hank Close, svp of sales for Comedy Central. “Guinness is a terrific partner for us in appealing to the young male demo that is so crucial to both our businesses.”

The campaign has national, local, Internet and radio components. Teaser clips featuring Guinness toasts of years past will be featured leading into commercial breaks during The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Billboard ads will run throughout the schedule, with heavy play in male-skewing (21-34) series The Man Show and South Park. On Feb. 26, the Monday following the toast, Jon Stewart will announce whether or not Guinness beat the record.

In conjunction with its local sales rep, National Cable Communications, Comedy Central developed an advertising plan for affiliates. More than 200 30-second spots will run in top markets such as New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Denver to promote a sweepstakes in which viewers can win a trip to New York to watch The Daily Show live.

The on-line component of the campaign comes in when participants register to win on There, users will find Guinness promotions as well as a link to the Guinness Web site, which in turn will promote Comedy Central. Guinness radio spots also tag the network.