GSD&M Introduces SBC Dish Network

NEW YORK Telecom SBC this week broke the first of a new round of TV spots touting its SBC Dish Network product, which includes TiVo-like ad-skipping features.

Two spots, via GSD&M in Austin, Texas, broke this week in SBC’s 13-state coverage area, which is largely in the West and Southwest. One ad touts the personal video recorder’s pause feature. In the spot, the action of a show stops as a man is getting a glass of water splashed in his face. The splash remains mid-air as a studio audience waits. When the viewer returns to his couch, he un-pauses the show and the action continues.

The second spot shows a quartet of teen girls who notice that a neighbor has gotten a satellite dish. One by one, three of these babysitters disappear until the fourth one assumes her place at the parents’ home. “We had three girls cancel on us,” the parent says.

A GSD&M representative said a total of about a half-dozen new ads would run.

SBC rolled the service earlier this month, with prices starting at $29.99 per month.