GSD&M Goes to War for Military Channel

DALLAS A series of TV and print ads breaking this week for Discovery Communications will tout the new Military Channel as the ultimate reality show that takes the viewer behind the lines.

The commercials for the cable channel, created by Omnicom Group’s GSD&M in Austin, Texas, employ actual combat footage and ask: “You want reality TV?” The spots close with “Go behind the lines.”

One of the print ads presents a soldier’s military uniform decorated with medals below the headline, “Our stars don’t win little gold statues.” Another pictures the Iwo Jima Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery with the text reading, “There are no national monuments to billionaires’ apprentices.” A third ad shows a view from a cockpit behind three fighter jets with the superimposed words: “Less about who’s sleeping with who. More about who’s covering your butt.”

Print ads will appear in Sports Illustrated, Time and military and aviation publications. TV spots will run only on cable channels, according to GSD&M.

The Military Channel is a new version of the former Wings Channel, one of 19 cable venues created by Discovery Communications, known for its Discovery Channel. To promote the channel, Discovery created partnerships with the United Services Organization, National D-Day Museum, and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

The channel’s aim is “a broad focus on all aspects of the military with a wide array of programming about its people, strategy, technology and history.”

Campaign spending is undisclosed.