G&R’s Next Move: Rover

Grace & Rothschild will break in January its first new work for Land Rover in nearly two years, a campaign for the 1999 Range Rover.
The New York shop’s work emphasizes Range Rover’s sophistication, a shift from past campaigns that focused on the sport-utility vehicle’s off-road prowess.
Spending was not disclosed. Land Rover spent $14 million on Range Rover last year and another $8 million through August, per Competitive Media Reporting.
A TV spot and four print ads will target an upscale audience. The spot begins with a young man in a suit sitting at a chess table. As a clock ticks in the background, he wipes his brow, shifts uncomfortably in his seat and contemplates his move before an unseen opponent. The spot then cuts to reveal the identity of this imposing adversary: the Range Rover. It concludes with the line, “The most advanced thinking ever found in a 4×4.”
A print ad features a head-on shot of a Range Rover. Beneath the photo: “The Range Rover. Anything less, is.”
“The tagline is Range Rover,” said Roy Grace, chairman of the agency. “What
you want people to remember is the car.”
The spot will break in mid-January on six cable channels including CNN, CNBC and A&E. Print ads will appear in January editions of Fortune, Forbes, The Economist and The New Yorker, among others.
G&R’s prior Range Rover campaigns sought to emphasize the vehicle’s peerlessness, a key point as the category has heated up in recent years, Grace said. New rival luxury SUVs include Lincoln’s Navigator series and Lexus’ RX 300 series.