Groome Leaves Odiorne: Buder, Mangin Become Partners at S.F. Shop

Harry Groome, principal and head of account services at Odiorne Wilde Narraway Groome here, has left the agency to pursue other interests. The shop has subsequently appointed two new partners and changed its name to Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners (OWN&P).
“Harry has put a lot of himself into this agency since we were founded in 1994, and he felt now was a good time to do something different,” said principal Andy Narraway.
Groome could not be reached for comment, but sources said he is leaving the industry for now and may return as a consultant.
Wayne Buder, former managing director of Foote, Cone & Belding’s disbanded technology unit, is joining OWN&P as president and head of account services. OWN&P has also elevated media director Paula Mangin to partner. Both Buder and Mangin have undisclosed equity stakes.
Narraway and partner/co-creative director Jeff Odiorne will redefine their roles and strengthen their creative involvement in the agency. “Andy and Jeff have been tied up with the day-to-day duties of growing and managing the agency,” said Mangin. “They haven’t been able to do as much creative work as they’d like. Wayne and I can help lighten the load.”
Buder has worked in advertising for nearly 20 years. He becomes the most experienced member of OWN&P, a quality that was important to management.
“OWN&P has been categorized as a small, boutique agency and thrown in with shops like Blazing Paradigm and Black Rocket,” said Buder. “Now the agency is ready to . . . carve a niche somewhere between boutique and big.”
“We’ve known Wayne for years and have flirted with this idea for a long time,” said Odiorne. “We’re lucky to have him, even though it means we have to grow up a little.”