Grill Magic

Rubio’s has changed its focus from fish tacos to food preparation in its first regional network and cable TV campaign.

Created by VitroRobertson in San Diego, Calif., two 30-second spots highlight the Mexican fast-food chain’s theme and name change from Rubio’s Fish Tacos to Rubio’s Baja Grill and feature its char-grilled carne asada, chicken and mahi-mahi.

The spots, which broke last week in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties, show a box opening, with several matches popping out, as if alive.

The matches, which light by themselves, form the shape of a grill, as a voiceover says, ‘Come taste what a little fire can do.’

The spots, running through mid-July, were created by using real matches with stop-action cinematography, rather than computer animation.

Last February, after a review, VitroRobertson won the estimated $1 million account.

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