Grey Makes French Wine Friendly in U.S.

NEW YORK Grey’s label design and ad campaign for E&J Gallo’s Red Bicyclette wine positions the beverage as whimsical and approachable.

The New York shop worked with the vintner from the wine’s inception, touring the vineyard and working with the client to create the name and packaging. The label of the wine, which was introduced last year but has had no ad support until now, is a lighthearted illustration by Annora Spence showing a man on a bicycle with a basket filled with baguettes alongside a dog, who also has a baguette.

An outdoor ad, out next week, shows the bicycle character against a bright yellow background. Copy reads, “An inviting Syrah from the South of France.” Tagline: “Wanna ride?”

“We want to make French wine approachable and friendly to consumers, because up until now, when people go to the shelf to buy French wine, they’ve been intimidated,” said Steve Krauss, creative director and art director on the project.

Referring to the copy, Krauss said, “The key word is inviting. It’s approachable, warm and friendly. All the positive things associated with France.”

In addition to Krauss, Ari Halper served as copywriter and art director.

The work, which breaks next week in New York, Boston, Chicago and other cities, will run through October.