Grendha Shoes: JELLIES IN A JAM

Agency: W/USA, Chicago
Art Director: Stephen Foster
Copywriter: Laurence Klinger
Photographer: Paul Lecat
Client: Grendha Shoes, Sao Paulo, Brazil
He’s just tried ’em out and thinks they’re perfect,’ says the headline for this trade ad for Grendha Shoes. And who’s that tattooed hulk holding the dainty plastic shoes? That, shoe dealers are told, is Grendha’s quality-control department, and he’s very picky about shoes.
Grendha started the fad for the plastic ‘jellies’ when it first began manufacturing them in 1971 in Brazil. Soon they were imported in the U.S. and all over the world and the fad grew. But as with so many fads, jellies quickly faced lower-price knock-offs that cut into sales. With lower prices came lower quality that threatened the success of the whole category.
W/USA, the Chicago-based outpost of Grendha’s Sao Paulo agency W/Brasil, is battling back against the imitators and rebuilding an image for ‘jellies’ with a series of eye-catching trade ads that push the quality issue. ‘When you sell Grendha, you’re really offering your customers the latest designs and proven durability,’ says copy. ‘We have an army of quality inspectors like the one in this picture, just to make sure of that.’
He looks like a guy you can trust.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)