“The Great Thing”

“What’s so great about having the Internet in your pocket?” this latest spot for the iPhone from TBWA/Media Arts Lab asks. It’s a self-reflexive question: the commercial strictly adheres to a recognized and familiar formula, which is a radically simple product demo. But what an elegant demo: with the swipe of a finger, we’re led to a map of “Buttermilk” ski trails in Aspen, and then a restaurant (Campo di Fiore) for some apres-ski pasta, and finally, the Jet Blue web site, to change your flight “when you’re just not ready to go home.”
I got sucked into the fantasy big time– I’m still thinking about the delicate tomato sauce on the pasta. That might be the secret sauce– I never get tired of the music or the format, because each spot delivers a whole new upscale narrative to follow even as it targets practicality.
Another in the series is about car buying– getting a second opinion on the Internet while you shop for an Audi– and a third speaks to them trendy youths through Facebook.
Arguably, continuing the series in the same format also promotes the image of consistency and stability, which is a smart business decision, given that the stock is tanking.–Barbara Lippert