Grainger Targets Purchasers

CHICAGO-In a campaign from Four Points Digital here, business equipment supplier W.W. Grainger suggests how its new OrderZone Web site can increase free time and boost one’s career.
The $10 million business-to-business effort targets purchasing and procurement managers, said Jim Roots, the company’s director of marketing.
Running as two-page spreads in trade magazines, the print ads show the desks of two people-one who has used OrderZone and one who hasn’t. In each case, the person who used OrderZone had more time to advance his career and save money.
In one execution, the OrderZone user’s desk is well-organized, with a photo of the employee with a sports car. A caption reads, “Saves time. Saves money. … Receives four comps to Watkins Glen in interoffice mail.”
The other photo in the ad shows an unorganized desk and a half-finished plastic model. The caption reads, “Works late. Building truck model for desk.”
“The ads allow the reader to feel that the [OrderZone] desk could be their desk,” Roots said. The work is tagged, “Make your business click.”
The $10 million outlay is a vast increase from the $1.1 million the company spent last year. An online campaign from Four Points and direct mail from Blank & Associates in Chicago will complement print work.
The tag links the notion of computer use to the site’s benefits, Roots said. The work intentionally eschews the kind of product-focused, cluttered ads traditionally found in procurement trade magazines, he said.