How powerful is Pokƒmon? Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites are betting the battling pocket monsters still have the juice to get kids to convince their parents to stay at the hotel chains this summer.
Starting this week, guests who stay at either hotel will receive 52-page activity books that tie in with Pokƒmon the Movie 2000, to be released July 21.
Many toy-industry analysts say the Pokƒmon craze has peaked, as younger tykes embrace the product and make it less cool to their older siblings. However, Comfort Inn’s brand manager, Dan Shoen, said, “Pokƒmon is more than just a craze, it’s a cultural phenomenon. When [the new movie] brings Pokƒmania to a fever pitch, Comfort brand hotels will be part of the action.”
Comfort, which is handled by Baltimore’s Gray Kirk/Van Sant, will plug the Pokƒmon program on radio networks and in national publications, such as People and Parents.
–T.W. Sieber