Google “New Baby”

Remember “Parisian Love”? The quietly elegant Google demo that served as a welcome respite from all the loud, over-the-top productions during the Super Bowl? Google returns with two more online executions, this time from Johannes Leonardo, with an identical no-frills approach that invites viewers to “Search On.” The “Parisian” spot ended with a search for baby cribs and the delightful squeal of an infant. The new ones explore the quirks of family dynamics. “New Baby” begins with the search “Wife is pregnant” and takes viewers through a first-time dad’s experience. Each time he enters another phrase in the search bar, viewers get a glimpse of the husband’s thoughts as he types his queries. His wife is hormonal; they are having twins, which he learns is expensive, and searches for a place to sell his vinyl collection; stores to buy bottles, blankets and the endless supplies that are needed once the babies arrive. Google Calendar makes a brief appearance here as well as he makes note of an ultrasound appointment, and Maps helps him plot his route to the hospital. A second spot delves into the sibling relationship. Both ads, like the Super Bowl spot, demonstrate that in some cases keeping it simple with a straight-up product demo is all you need to tell a interesting human story, even with only a well-chosen piece of music and a view of a computer screen. –Eleftheria Parpis