Goodby’s ‘Got Milk?’ Makes Russian Translation

SAN FRANCISCO The Pillsbury Doughboy visits Russia in a new “Got Milk?” spot from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, set to break Monday.

The 30-second “Russian Family,” directed by Noam Murro, opens in St. Petersburg on a snowy winter night as a family slurps their watery soup. The father looks up when he hears the unmistakable voice of the Doughboy, and the family is overjoyed as the spokescharacter offers them a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. Music plays and they dance around the table until the mother emerges from the kitchen, screaming “Moloko!” (milk in Russian) and shaking an empty carton of milk.

Their faces drop, their mouths clog with cookies, and the spot closes on the shocked expression of the Doughboy. “Got milk?” the onscreen tagline reads.

The spot reminds people that cookies do not need soda or a sports drink chaser; they need milk, said Jeff Manning, executive director of the client, the California Milk Processor Board of Berkeley, Calif.

“Without ever mentioning another beverage, this spot is intensely competitive,” Manning said.

“Russian Family,” which will air on network affiliates in California, will be made available to dairy boards nationally.

The San Francisco agency has held the account— and used the well-known tag—for 11 years. Earlier campaigns took a more serious tone, emphasizing milk’s ability to strengthen bones.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. The CMPB spent $6 million on ads in 2003 and $3 million through June 2004, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The national Milk Advisory Board licenses the “Got Milk?” line from the CMPB.