Goodby Touts NetFlix

After spending a year formulating a strategy and waiting for more consumers to buy DVD players, Goody, Silverstein & Partners is set to launch work tied to a unique home entertainment concept that promises unlimited access to DVD movies for a set fee.

The client,, is anticipating that DVD machines will be a popular gift this year and is planning an early 2001 campaign highlighted by three humorous TV spots running in four markets: Austin, Texas; Portland, Ore.; Denver; and Kansas City, Mo. No budget for the work was disclosed.

“We have had them for a while,” said Goodby creative director Paul Venables. “We feel they have a pretty revolutionary idea. We devoted time to creating a strategy. We also designed a logo for them.”

Venables said the challenge is to introduce the service without confusing consumers. The concept asks consumers to pay a monthly fee of $20 in exchange for unlimited access to any of 9,000 DVD films listed on the company’s Web site. Selections are mailed to the user, who must mail them back before placing additional orders.

The three spots tout the educational value of watching movies. In one, a talking prairie dog tries to tell some kids that “Jimmy is in the well.” Unsure of how to react to a talking animal, the kids cheerfully suggest killing it, making a hat out of it or eating it. The hapless rodent flails his tiny paws and asks that they reconsider.

Another spot has three mobsters bumbling about, trying to figure out how to get rid of a dead body.