Goodby Spots Play to Strengths of Milk

SAN FRANCISCO The two latest TV ads in Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ award-winning “Got milk?” campaign broke on Monday and continue to highlight the drink’s ability to strengthen bones.

In “Thirsty,” a woman gets up from watching TV to grab a soda. Suddenly her body starts to convulse, seemingly possessed until her skeleton emerges from its skin and grabs a carton of milk instead of the soda. Her boneless body, slumped on the floor, eyeballs the skeleton, watching the bones pour milk into its mouth.

Goodby’s Colin Nissan, associate creative director and copywriter on the spots, said puppeteers created most of the skeleton’s movements manually. Some of the effects were accomplished with computer graphics afterwards, like when the skeleton grabs the milk carton out of the refrigerator.

Omaha Pictures, the production company in Santa Monica, Calif., created an elaborate cast of the woman’s body, Nissan said. Goodby also worked with Mastersfx, a special effects house in Arleta, Calif., on the spot. “And they just went to town,” he added.

The other spot, “Trailrunner,” is a gloomy scene of a middle-aged man running through a forest, at first leisurely, until he realizes he’s being followed. Menacing music plays as the runner panics, jumps over a log and fights to escape the woods. He falls, and then a hand reaches to pick him up—presumably himself at a later age. “Strength for today. Strength for tomorrow” is the message.

The forest scene was shot outside Vancouver, Nissan said.

Both commercials conclude with the 11-year-old tagline, “Got milk?”

Jeff Goodby was creative director on the spots and associate creative director Sean Farrell was the art director. Rupert Sanders of Omaha Pictures was the director.

Three print ads picturing human bones and presenting health messages debuted this spring. One, showing bones forming an exclamation mark, states, “Over the past 30 years, forearm fractures in young people have increased an alarming 42 percent.”