Goodby Readies ‘Ants’ Commercial for ‘Got Milk?’

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, which has featured chimpanzees, dogs and cats in past “Got milk?” ads, is moving on to talking ants.

For a new 30-second spot, the San Francisco shop enlisted Steven Kutcher, an actual bug wrangler, and a cast of about 1,000 ants. The ad, created for the California Milk Processor Board, is slated to break Jan. 8 in California and possibly other major markets.

“It’s interesting as far as commercials go,” said agency co-chairman Jeff Goodby. “Commercials don’t usually take place in the micro world of insects.”

The ad opens with a family enjoying an afternoon picnic outdoors. As a young girl munches on a brownie, a swarm of ants below enjoys the rain of crumbs. Suddenly a glass of milk is spilled—just the thing to wash down the brownie. As the milk flows down the picnic table, the ants mumble “Mmm,” “Chocolate” and “Milk coming,” but the river ends up being stopped by a cheese puff.

The ants then begin calling for Ben—apparently a hero. “Go, Ben, go!” they chant as Ben attempts to release the milk. But Ben’s efforts are foiled when the glass of milk comes down upon him, causing the ants to lament his sudden passing.

The ad ends with the “Got milk?” tag.

A spot released a few weeks ago featured a guy teasing a monkey in a zoo and then getting a taste of his own medicine. A third spot, in which a man describes a childhood trauma resulting from not having milk with his chocolate chip cookies, is slated to air in the coming weeks.

Goodby handles media planning on the account. Creative Media in New York handles buying.