Golf Icon Returns as Pitchman

Images of brand namesake Ben Hogan highlight an up-coming national campaign from Greenberg Seronick O’Leary & Partners, lead agency for Ho-gan clubs and other golf products marketed by Spalding Sports Worldwide.

In one commercial, clips of Hogan competing some 50 years ago are intercut with black-and-white footage of contemporary champions Hal Sutton, Jim Furyk, Bernhard Langer and Justin Leonard.

The modern-day golfers trade off lines of copy extolling the virtues of Hogan Irons. They begin: “Ben Hogan said there was no greater feel than the thrill of a perfect shot. Ben Hogan said that with a forged iron, the feeling goes up the shaft and into your heart. Ben Hogan said that you are only as good as your clubs allow you to be. These are the beliefs that helped build our clubs. And they’re the same ones that build yours.”

The spot ends with Hogan tipping his cap toward the camera. Still photographs of Hogan grace similarly themed magazine ads. The brand’s recent tagline, “A feel for your game,” is not used in TV or print.

Greenberg Sero-nick wanted to link the late golf legend to the clubs that bear his name in a campaign that would be relevant to today’s players, said George Spowart, svp, group account director. The Boston agency considered using early ’90s footage of Hogan but decided that show-ing him in his prime was best, Spowart said.

The campaign will break during televised tournament coverage and in issues of Golf Digest, Golf World and Sports Illustrated.