Goldberg.Marchesano’s Time & Space Breaks Onto Packaged-

Lee Iacocca’s recent venture, Nicola Corp. in Boston, awarded media buying chores for its Olivio buttery-tasting spread to Goldberg.Marchesano.Partners’ media division, Time & Space.
The Washington, D.C., agency will spend the multimillion dollar budget on television, print and radio.
Started by Iaccoca and his family, Nicola has developed an olive and canola oil spread called Olivio, which is produced and distributed by Nabisco Foods.
With one gram of saturated fat compared to butter’s seven grams, Olivio is positioned as having the lowest non-saturated fat content on the market. “Not butter–better!” is Olivio’s tagline, developed in-house.
Nicola said it is launching a “controlled rollout” of the product nationally, and may expand into Europe in 1998. Olivio is currently available in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and San Francisco.
Goldberg.Marche-sano.Partners (GMP) made television buys in 24 markets for a commercial that broke last week. The spot, featuring Iacocca as the on-camera spokesperson, was created in-house under the direction of Nicola president and chief executive Ned Hentz, a former copywriter at BBDO in New York. Hentz is also Iacocca’s son-in-law.
A GMP staffer introduced the agency to Nicola.
“I was very impressed with the amount of work [GMP] did and [the agency’s] research into the market,” said Hentz, adding that GMP defeated incumbent TN Media in New York for the account.
Vincent Auty, chief operating officer at Nicola, helped create the No. 1 margarine “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter,” which reports current sales of more than $270 million. Van den Bergh Foods owns the brand.
Marking its 27th anniversary next month, GMP formed Time & Space two years ago. Nicola is T&S’ first packaged-goods account.