Go Figure


Address on Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, Calif., that was identified as “The Dude’s Fish Store” on the beta version of Yahoo!’s new map software. The address is better known as the location of Google’s corporate headquarters. The whole thing appears to be a prank by Yahoo! programmers. And they didn’t stop there: The map link had various tidbits of information about the store, listing the hours of operation (only open in summer) and an assortment of fish, hamsters, goldfish, snakes and spiders. It also said the only languages spoken at the store were German and Russian. The prank information has since been taken down.


Number of musicians declared true “tastemakers” by Forbes.com. Among them is Jack White, who is now bringing his songwriting skills to Coca-Cola. “I’ve been offered the opportunity to write a song in a way which interests me as a songwriter,” he tells NME.com. “I certainly wouldn’t want a song that I’d already written to be used on a commercial. That seems strange. But to be asked to write something particular along one theme of love in a worldwide form that I’m not really used to appealed to me. I’ve written a song, and I wrote it really quickly, and it’s an interesting commercial that’s been made. I was inspired by the commercial.”