Go Figure


Years that Amazon.com has been in business—a milestone that the company is celebrating this week by having celebrities personally deliver some packages to customers. Among the stars that have been roped into the project: Harrison Ford, who may deliver the Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD box set; Moby, who has a new CD, Hotel, out now; and Jason Alexander, who played George on Seinfeld. Each special delivery will be webcast on Amazon. The celebrations culminate on Saturday, with a webcast of live musical performances by Bob Dylan and Norah Jones. “We are excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary with these special thank-you surprises,” says Amazon vp Kathy Savitt. “Amazon and UPS will continue to surprise customers with these special deliveries until July 16, so you might see us on your doorstep.”


Months ago that the NHL lockout began. But it looks as though a labor agreement is imminent, leaving the league’s image makers to try to pick up the pieces. As part of those efforts, the league is reportedly preparing to unveil a new logo and marketing slogan, “It’s a whole new game.” That tag may be literally true. Among the major rule changes the NHL is considering: elimination of the center ice redline, tag-up offside, smaller goaltending equipment and pushing back the goal line.