Go Figure


Years ago that Mahatma Gandhi died. Now the family of the Indian political and spiritual leader is pleading with the Indian government to force an Australian restaurant called Handi Ghandi to stop using the vegetarian pacifist to sell its food. The restaurant—tagline: “Great curries. No worries”—sells a range of meat and vegetarian curries, including beef, which is sacred to Hindus and forbidden. “It goes absolutely against all his beliefs,” Gandhi’s great-grandson tells Reuters. “Using his image to sell beef curries and such doesn’t gel. He was not a foodie.” Handi Ghandi’s Web site, which was “under maintenance” on Friday, reportedly featured a line-drawing of Gandhi holding an American-style Chinese takeout box and a jingle with a male voice singing, “I am Handi Ghandi, eat my curries.”


Former students at Southern Illinois University who are suing Hooters Air, claiming they developed a business plan for Hooters Air as a class project in 1997, before the airline ever got off the ground. They filed the suit in Chicago on Wednesday. Hooters of America vp Mike McNeal called it factually inaccurate. The airline has been operating since March 2003. On its Web site, it claims every Hooters Air flight is “a great experience that enlivens the senses and puts the fun back in flying!” (There is also “real food on most flights!”)