Go Figure


Steps that a child must take in a pair of “smart shoes” during the day to earn one minute of TV time in the evening, as part of a novel anti-obesity effort in the U.K. The new shoes, called Square Eyes, come installed with an electronic sensor and a tiny computer chip to record how many steps the wearer takes in a day. That information is passed on to a receiver connected to the TV, which will shut off once the wearer runs out of viewing time, based on the day’s exertions. The shoes were created by a student in a design program at Brunel University in London. Normal pedometers can be tricked into recording steps through shaking, but these shoes are harder to dupe. “It is possible, but it would be a lot of effort,” the student says. “That was one of my main design considerations.”


Years ago that a Colorado man was fired from his job at a Budweiser distributor—he says for drinking a Coors in public. Ross Hopkins is suing American Eagle Distributing Co., saying it was wrongful termination. “They flat-out told me ‘We’re putting food on your table so you could put it on theirs?’ ” he told the AP last week. “I thought I could drink it, no problem.” The company’s lawyers claim Hopkins was fired not for drinking a Coors but for making disparaging remarks about Bud while in his Bud uniform. Hopkins seeks unspecified damages for lost wages and benefits.